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Technical aspects

August 18, 2010
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Sometimes, before you can trailer a boat so that you can take it to Friends A, so that they can hitch it to their truck, and take it to Friends B, who will store it till you arrive to take up residence in Locale B, it is necessary to procure new bearings, install them, discover that the spindles are also shot, procure new spindles, succeed in doing this just before the store closes, and reassemble and reattach the wheels. This is after all you thought you needed to do was repair the tires, which you did so very successfully the day before, when you thought, quite literally, and quite reasonably, that you were on a roll. See how easy life can be?

Once you decide to move, the whole world moves with you, toward its ultimate entropic destiny at a velocity not previously perceived possible. This is nothing new to anyone who moves with any frequency at all.

Your normally faithful chronicler humbly regrets missing the blowtorch segment of this scene.


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