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We have lift-off… and some advice for selling your home

September 9, 2010

The appraisal of our home engaged by our buyers’ lender came through without conditions; the final contingency is now dislodged, and the sale of our home can now advance toward closing. The flow of God’s bountiful mercies has been unceasing in this entire process. When I look back at my calendar and see how rapidly events have transpired since we listed our home August 2, I can only marvel at my impatience.

A friend of mine asked me recently for tips on how to sell her home. I knew that she would not be receptive to a candid response. For those who are, my advice would be: First: jettison any and all remnants of a price concept you retain in your mind. Second: hire a young agent who is not encumbered with your sentimentality of previous markets. It’s not his fault you didn’t decide to sell your house three years ago, so get over it. Do not retain a broker who is an old friend, unless he or she will put you into a cold, unfeeling vise grip of reality. Do these things, if you really want to sell your home.


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