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Toward moving and moving toward…

September 21, 2010


We’ve noted some interesting trends during the progress of our transition from urban Tacoma to rural Asotin County. I had almost despaired that Clear/Clearwire was actually itself the Internet Kill Switch. I reached this conclusion after a week of my husband’s discussions with various lollipop-licking account reps who just wanted everyone to be happy and have a good time, and had no real inkling at all of how to provide the service the corporation is in the business of providing, much less how and where it does or does not work. After 283 cell phone minutes in two days, and a few hours of online chats, Clear/Clearwire demonstrated what we already knew: that you can represent something without having a clue about anything to do with what it is.

 The short of it is, we returned the 4G modem that works in Tacoma but not in Clarkston, but which we were told would work in Tacoma and in Clarkston; and have secured a 3G modem that we are told will work in Clarkston, but were also told would work in Tacoma but does not. The good news is that someone without a lollipop in her mouth actually researched the question and assured us that the 3G modem would not work in Tacoma but would work in Clarkston. It does not work in Tacoma, and we will see this weekend whether it works in Clarkston. We’re running out of options at this point, because Cable One, the only other local Internet provider with credible speed, neither answers their phone nor their e-mail. And, since I am not able to use public Internet facilities because I require voice recognition software, life as we know it kind of hangs in the balance.

But I am confident that this, too, will go well, as has everything else. I cleaned my refrigerator today with only one minor injury. I survived errands to Target and Office Depot. Our closing papers on the Clarkston house, sent yesterday via overnight FedEx, arrived and were declared by our Clarkston title officer to be in great order. I have to wonder what she expected, but I imagine her expectations have been dunked with experience, just as mine have with Clear/Clearwire.

 We are packed to the point that I sometimes dip into a box for something I still need. I have only the pantry shelves and closet shelves left to wipe down, and I plan to finish this before our loading day, so that any women who show up to help me can just hang out and help me believe it’s all really happening.

I’m so very grateful to have been given the strength to pull all this off! A year ago, I was certain I would never be able to move again. The nerves in my hands were so fried from an RSI that became chronic, that I could not have grasped or wrapped anything; and while it still takes a lather of Tiger Balm at the end of the day, I’ve been pacing myself for six weeks at the packing and final primping of the house, and it’s really so very nearly done! I can only think that God has affirmed that our desires are agreeable to his will, and that we are being moved by his own gracious momentum, just as surely as if we had hired professional packers to rob us of the joy of this phase of our journey.

God willing, and Clearwire coming through, I should be able to give you the link to my new blog and show off some adorable moving and house pictures as soon as we can unwrap my computer and the famous Clearwire 3G modem — but first, there will be miles to go before we sleep, in the beautiful Valley we already find ourselves calling home.


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